Ivar Ytreland wintering in northeast Greenland in 1946-48, and was back there and ran salmon fishing in the years 1949-1951. He has many times later been back to the old fishing grounds, including to restore many of the old stations. In the book he gives a good introduction to the hunter life, and the rich history from trapping period 1908-1960.
Per Johnson writes about the book:

I think probably most readers with an interest in nature and outdoor activities in the Arctic will enjoy this book. I myself have lived as hunter in Svalbard and therefore have a special requirement to assess the book and reading between the lines.
The author portrays life as a hunter in East Greenland in an unprecedented way. I’ve never read anything like it. On every page you will find a complementary descriptions of situations and events that I recognize from my time as a hunter. The book is full of details that a professional writer could never get in. Comments and diary entries illuminate the adventure. The book is an exceptionally important contribution to the Norwegian Polar Literature.

Boka er tidligare utgjeva på Norsk.